Our twenties is a time when we are focused on looking our best as we begin making our way in the working world and living life at full tilt.

Plastic Procedures at Twenties.

Most cosmetic treatments in our twenties are non-surgical, preventative measures, from customized medical skincare regimes to rejuvenating injections "fillers". These procedures are aimed at beautifying the face. Apart from basic treatments such as lip enhancement, Dr. Hussein Hashim, and his team also offer advanced, pioneering techniques, including total facial reshaping procedure. This is a “glamorising” treatment which can transform the “girl next door” into a stunning beauty. This treatment is especially effective for younger women because their skin is still naturally radiant and supple. Our twenties is also a time when many who are unhappy with aspects of their body will consider surgery. This may include surgery to enlarge small breasts or correct breast abnormalities. Dr. Hussein Hashim has also seen a growing trend in prominent ear correction for a more feminine and glamorous profile is also in high demand. Dr. Hussein Hashim is aware that at this age, patients are often not ready for surgery and he has therefore developed a number of remarkably effective non-surgical alternatives for common problems such as reducing dark circles under the eyes.

Most popular procedures: