When asked what women want, Valentino, the fashion icon said, “They want to be beautiful”. It was with this philosophy in mind that Dr. Hussein Hashim devised the Beauty Through The Ages Concept.

Procedures By Age.

How well we age is very much a case of good luck and good skincare management. Our genes, a healthy lifestyle and an effective skincare regime are the foundations for preserving health and beauty. But maintaining our youthful radiance as we pass into each decade also requires some careful science and aesthetic skill.

Our Procedures By Age Concept is in keeping with Dr. Hussein Hashim’s commitment to restoring and enhancing the natural beauty of every patient with grace and dignity. You can look your best at every age by adopting a more preventive approach to beauty – in much the same we do with our healthcare. Beautifying the face and repairing the effects of aging as you go with regular, minor procedures is far more effective than waiting until major invasive surgery is required to repair the signs of aging.

All of our patients are assessed under the Procedures By Age Concept, providing a tailored treatment plan that identifies cosmetic procedures that best meet the patient’s needs, including regular maintenance treatments such as anti-wrinkle treatments and customized medical grade skin care laser & Vaser treatments. Many of the non-surgical procedures used are work first procedures that have been pioneered by Dr. Hussein Hashim. These procedures combined with modern plastic surgery, where required, deliver the most attractive, natural-looking results ensuring: “Beautified features that will mold perfectly to your age & shape.”.