Inverted nipples are a common condition and can cause both functional and cosmetic concerns for many.

Nipple Correction.


Nipple correction surgery is a simple process, but it can have a huge effect both psychologically and physically.

Inverted Nipple condition can be easily corrected with minimal downtime and virtually no scar. Most cases can be treated under local anesthesia at Dr. Hussein Hashim Plastic surgery Clinic.

The procedure corrects inverted nipples, giving them a more pronounced and prominent shape. Inverted nipples can cause a variety of functional and cosmetic problems, and can be immensely taxing on self-confidence and self-esteem. Fortunately, Dr. Hussein Hashim has the necessary skills and expertise to correct this area of concern.

No two cases of nipple inversion are the same. Therefore Dr. Hussein Hashim offers in-depth consultations with patients to determine the best course of action. Nipples can be inverted to varying degrees. Ranging from complete inversion to merely flat or collapsed nipples. Cases of nipple inversion can be classified under one of three general degrees.

  • Nipple inversion usually does not require surgery, and treating this kind of condition simply involves applying pressure to the areola and pulling the nipple back into its usual, more prominent position.
  • Nipple inversion occurs when the nipple resists being pulled back into position and tends to return to its inverted state after pressure is released. Dr. Hussein Hashim can assess each case to decide whether surgery is required.
  • An inverted nipple is difficult to extract using the simple application of pressure, and will immediately retract when this pressure is released.

Nipple Correction Procedure

Dr. Hussein Hashim Clinic’s nipple correction surgical process is carried out in three stages.

The first is the consultancy stage, in which patients discuss their aims and desired outcome. Dr. Hussein Hashim assesses the individual case to decide on the best way to achieve this. Next, comes the surgical stage, during which Dr. Hussein Hashim will conduct the surgical procedure necessary to get the best results. The final stage is the after-care phase. This involves scheduling a follow-up appointment and ensuring that the patient is prepared to take the necessary measures to promote healing and to ensure satisfactory results post-surgery.

The procedure is not a particularly invasive one and most patients will be back to work after only minimal recuperation time. What’s more, Dr. Hussein Hashim’s finely-honed nipple correction surgery techniques will leave the patient with almost no visible scarring, ensuring that the procedure achieves its cosmetic aims as well as its functional ones. In the majority of cases, the procedure will be carried out at Dr. Hussein Hashim Clinic, using only a local anesthesia.

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