Nasoplasty - Nose Reshaping.


Nasoplasty or Nose Reshaping can improve the shape of the nose, but it can also modify breathing.

Nasoplasty is carried out after the termination of growth and of puberty, in order not to disturb the patient’s development and growth.

Nose reshaping can reduce prominent nose bumps, reshape the tip of the nose, narrow the nose, straighten the aberrated nasal partition, and improve breathing due to these operations.

Nasoplasty is carried out from the cuts in the nostrils, so no scars are visible after the surgery.

This is a one-day plastic surgery which is carried out under local anesthesia with if sedation.

Post-Surgery Care.

After a Nasoplasty surgery no nasal packing is applied, instead, Dr. Hussein Hashim uses disposable sutures that fall in 6 weeks. 


Dr. Hussein Hashim usually not only guarantee a nice looking nose but also a normally breathing one. Patient might have slight nasal obstruction for first 2 weeks after the operation but this is transient.

Good communication with your plastic surgeon is important,you have to express what you want. Dr. Hussein Hashim also can show you computer simulation of your nose post operation. This gives you an idea but not exact shape post op.

Dr. Hussein Hashim do not recommend doing them together. Dr. Hussein Hashim recommends treating sinusitis either medically or by operation before rhinoplasty .Because if we do sinosotomy with rhinoplasty the operation cannot be successful, the sinusitis might be worse.

Dr. Hussein Hashim do not recommend doing them together. By experience, to have successful turbinectomy you have to do it separately and after two months you can do rhinoplasty.

Dr. Hussein Hashim have a good news for you; Dr. Hussein Hashim never put a pack after a Nasoplasty for the last ten years, he put instead a resobable suture that fix the septum to mucosa, this saves you the discomfort and the bad odor of the nasal pack, and you do not have to worry about the pain it cause when removing it.

Before / After