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Lip Augmentation.

Almost all women want fuller lips but lip augmentation is a procedure which, if poorly done, can result in what is widely known as the overblown “trout pout”.

Dr. Hussein Hashim believes while the fuller, “pouty” lip suits some patients, the best results for most women are a nicely proportioned lip that feels and looks completely natural.

The new generation fillers now give patients a range of options to suit individual needs.

Often patients simply want to restore lost volume and lip outline which diminishes as we age. We can also recreate the youthful lip column between the lips and the nose (philtrum column) to reduce the sagging and lengthening of the upper lip as we age.


Lip augmentation is an office procedure that aims to make lips plumper and more defined either by injecting a material into it or by surgery. Both are office bases procedures done under local anesthesia.

For the materials, Dr. Hussein Hashim injects in the lips there are the absorbable materials that last for few months like hyaluronic acid, or those that lasts up to three years like polyethylene glycol-diacrylate. On the other hand, there are the permanent materials like polyacrylamide.

The advantages of resorbable material are that they do not cause granulomas (small balls) while the permanent materials have the risk of granulomas up to ten percent. For surgical procedures Dr. Hussein Hashim reserve it for special deformities where the need to everge the red lip or even reduce its size though hidden wounds on the lip or at the base of the nose.


No the materials injected have same consistency as normal lips.

Lip augmentation with fat injection in the lips do not last long time, only ten percent of fat injected in the lips stay, because the lip is a constantly moving during talking or eating, this movement will let the fat to resorb.

Dr. Hussein Hashim advice you to put first a resobable material that lasts not more than few months and if you like the result you can put a longer lasting material.

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