Create better harmony and beautify your overall lower facial features with facial liposculpture.

Facial Liposculpture.

A well-performed micro lipo-sculpturing of the neck, jowl, and jawline is an extremely powerful tool that can transform and reshape the whole face and neck profile.

Liposculpturing of the neck can also tighten and shrink some of the excess skin in this region, creating a more acute neck and jawline.


Bring balance, harmony, and youthfulness to your face with a facial liposculpture procedure, where everybody will notice, no-one will know.

Liposculpture techniques are not limited to the waistline, they can be used to great effect on the face and neck area too. As we age, our skin loses its natural elasticity and structure, causing drooping skin, wrinkles, and other unsightly marks. Fortunately, this can be eliminated with a simple facial liposculpture treatment.

facial liposculpture works in much the same way as the procedure for the abdomen, it removes excess fat and skin and tightens and restructures the remaining tissue. The results can be astounding. Dr. Hussein Hashim is committed to making you look your best and most beautiful at all stages of your life!

What Happens during Facial Liposculpture?

Facial liposculpture is an office procedure that is done under local anesthesia, where fat is harvested from thigh or abdomen and then centrifuged. Dr. Hussein Hashim then injects fat in the face in small amounts (pearl drop technique), the procedure takes from 30-60 minutes. Patients may experience minimal discomfort and minimal swelling for 2-4 days. Though a patient can resume normal life immediately. The procedure is repeated 2-3 times with 2 months intervals, depending on the take of fat cells, after that what stays of fat cells is permanent.

Dr. Hussein Hashim also mixes laser with PRP so to get better survival.

In addition, a new technique is applied by the use of Nano Fat injections under eyes giving a glow and decreasing dark hallows.


We can inject fat in all parts of body ,buttock augmentation can be done by injecting fat.

30 to 50% of the injected fat will fade, and what stays live for years. If patient loses weight, part of the cells will dissolve.

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