As we age, gravity, sun damage and the stresses of daily life all take their toll. Deep creases form between the nose and the upper lip, the jowl line slackens and folds and bands form around the neck.

Face Lift.


The contemporary face lift reduces these highly visible signs of aging, with far more natural looking results than earlier surgical techniques. There is now more emphasis on volume replacement and the direction (vector) of lifting rather than simply stretching sagging skin.

While most people think of face lift being pulling the face tight. Dr. Hussein Hashim's philosophy on the facelifting procedure is that:

“A face lift is not about pulling the face tight, but rather about lifting the face the right amount and reshaping bottom heavy face shape from Dowling and sagginess, so that there is more fullness in the upper part of the face and a taper in the lower face.This is called the triangle of youth. A good face lift should look soft, natural, well-enhanced and never tight.”

The best candidates for a face lift is any man or woman whose face and neck have begun to sag, most patients are in their forties to sixties.

The face lift is done under local anesthesia and if sedation. The new approach involves tightening the muscles, lifting and suspending the deeper layer of the skin and underlying facial muscles - allowing less skin to be resected. Skin is then repositioned and re-draped and lost volume is restored, giving the face more youthful contours.

The result is a more beautiful and refreshed appearance without any tell-tale signs of surgery.

Swelling is normal up to three days, and after one week the patient will recover and look rejuvenated and great.


These wrinkles are best treated with laser (Active & deep Fx),this not only improve wrinkles but also improve the texture of skin, and give it a glow of healthy look. Face-lifting tightens the muscle and skin but healthy skin is not only tight one, laser will stimulate dermal collagen that will add to your beauty.

The best treatment for forehead and glabellar wrinkles botuinum toxin (BOTOX), where a simple injection  removes wrinkles, with no wounds the only draw back is that it lasts six months.

Yes , we can do minilifting where neck is lifted with a small wound on the back of the ear.

Before / After