Eyes are often the first feature to show signs of ageing and can distort our whole appearance.

Eye Lift.


Eye Lift or Blepharoplasty is a procedure to excise excess skin, muscle, and fat from upper and lower eyelids. Eye lift corrects puffy bags (pouch) and drooping eyelids.

Eye lift is done under local anesthesia with intravenous sedation and patient is discharged home on the same day

The upper blepharoplasty utilizes a crescent shaped incision located along the upper eyelid fold. Excess skin muscle and fat are removed. The incision is then closed.

There are multiple options for lower lid blepharoplasty.

For eye bags with excess skin, a subsidiary incision (below eyelashes) is done where Dr. Hussein Hashim do a repositioning of the fat rather than excise them, because the fat in the eye bag is not really excessive but is misplaced, by re-positioning them Dr. Hussein Hashim correct tear trough and lid cheek junction.

Then the muscle is lifted to elevate upper check to prevent ectropion (round eye look), then the minimal skin is excised.

For lower lid with excess skin only (no fat excess) Dr. Hussein Hashim advice laser treatment (active fx CO2 laser), in a young patient with eye bags with no excess skin, Dr. Hussein Hashim do trans-conjunctival approach (from inside eyelid) where fat is excised with no visible scar.


No, blepharoplasty will define upper lid where the distance between eyelashes and the fold is 7-8mm, this will let the eye look younger however drooping eye-brow will need brow lift or browpexy.

By lifting the skin around the eyes we preserve the function of the muscle that causes the expression lines around the eyes, so you will continue to need botox but with smaller quantities.

Dr. Hussein Hashim advices you to put on your contact lenses after ten days when the swelling has subsided.

There is swelling and ecchymosed for the first three days then they will subside over a week time. For the final shape it takes few weeks.

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