Cleft Lip & Palate.


Cleft lip is a congenital deformity that occurs because of the inability of both halves of face to adhere intrauterine (during pregnancy), the patient may present with a range of deformities from the small cleft lip of one upper lip to a complete cleft of upper lip and palate this can be unilateral or bilateral.

This may be secondary to a genetic trait from either mother or father, or from ingestion of some kinds of drugs during pregnancy.

When having such a baby parents must be reassured that this condition is treatable and the baby will be able to be a normal productive individual.

The first step in the treatment is to check if the patient has any other associated deformity in the heart or kidneys.

Then we advise to repair the lip deformity at age of two months then repair of the cleft palate at age of 15 months, the nasal deformity is started when repairing the lip and will need another operation at age of 12 yr and on.


Your child has still a small opening in roof of his mouth that is leaking fluid and allowing air to pass and thus not able to pronounce well, he needs revision of the closure of palate to close the defect.

We intend to complete the repair of cleft lip and palate before patient start speaking, so when he starts pronouncing at age of one year and half, there is no organic defect that hinders speaking.

This is a severe case where we must insert an orogastric tube where you can inject the milk with syringe.

Cleft lip patient can suck normally because usually the suck mechanism is between the tongue and the palate roof of mouth, in patients with cleft of the palate mother must direct the nipplete of the bottle to the side of intact palate, care must be taken to sit the patient while swallowing.

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