Buttock Augmentation.


There are various ways to buttock augmentation & reshaping, depending on the deformity it has.

In the case of minimal volume loss we can increase size with either lipo-filling (fat injection), or with hydrogel filling.

These can be done under local anesthesia with sedation.

While in the case of massive weight loss Dr. Hussein Hashim uses silicon gel implant that is put sub facial through an incision in the midline. This is a hospital procedure done under general anesthesia, patient stays one night in the hospital. The patient can sit the second day but needs ten days to lay on her back.


Fat injection is very safe with no risk of rejection or infection, but restoration and the need to repeat the procedure several times (2-3times) must be expected. While for injection of hydrojel this is a foreign material and risk of infection or rejection is present, so strict sterility must be respected and antibiotics must be given before and after the procedure.

There is the risk of wound infection, and implant extrusion but with the experienced surgeon the risk becomes lower and lower.

Before / After