Large breasts that are out of proportion with the body can cause both pain and embarrassment.

Breast Reduction.


Breast reduction surgery/reduction mammoplasty aims to give you smaller, firmer breasts that are better shaped and formed. It also aims to better complement your body, improves posture and – perhaps most importantly – boosts confidence and self -esteem.

Very Large breasts in addition to their unattractive look, are known to cause back, and neck pain, and skin irritation under the folds.

To reduce the breast we respect the part of the breast tissue, and the breast is lifted in the same procedure.

Today, with improved surgical technique, breast reduction surgery in most cases can be performed with a more discrete, shorter (vertical) scar and ultimately you will have more choice of clothing, as well as the opportunity to wear a better-fitted bra.

Usually, young girls do this operation, they have a condition called (virginal hypertrophy), the patient will still be able to breastfeed after the operation and have normal nipple sensation. The operation is done in hospital under general anesthesia; I leave a drain in the wound that removes the second day and patient stays one night in hospital .patient can resume work in one week

Before / After