As we age the breasts gradually lose their shape, becoming droopy and loose as the skin loses elasticity. This is exacerbated by pregnancy which further stretches the skin envelope of the breast.

Breast Lift.


A breast lift is done for breasts that loss volume either after pregnancy or after weight loss. A breast lift procedure or mastopexy helps to reverse these changes – producing more youthful looking breasts by lifting and reshaping them and adding fullness to the top part of the breasts. In addition, the areolas are also reduced to match the perkier and firmer new breasts.

Often this procedure is combined with the use of breast implant to provide more fullness than that of a conventional breast lift. Depending on the degree of droopiness and skin excess, the breast implant and breast lift surgery can be performed either via a donut incision, a lollipop incision or that of an inverted T in the most severe cases.

For those with minor sagging, breast augmentation can be the most effective technique – producing fuller and firmer breasts. Women with more severe droopiness who would also like fuller breasts will require both a surgical lift and breast implants to achieve the desirable effect.

More About Breast Lift Mastopexy.

There is a range of factors that can make breasts lose their shape and begin to droop. The rigors of pregnancy and the nursing of infants can cause breasts to sag, while vigorous exercise without the use of a proper support bra only accelerates the effects of gravity on your breasts.

However, the biggest cause of sagging or misshapen breasts is an inevitable one… age. You can take the necessary precautions, but the effect of the aging process on your breast tissue certainly causes the breasts to droop over time.

Breast Lift Procedure.

A breast lift procedure, also known as Mastopexy is a simple surgical procedure that seeks to counteract this. During a Mastopexy procedure, the breasts are lifted so as to appear perkier and more full, while the top of the breast is re-structured to give a more balanced look overall. At Dr. Hussein Hashim clinic in Lebanon, we also reshape the areola to ensure that everything is well-balanced, leaving you with new breasts which are both beautiful and perfectly in proportion.

Depending on the severity of the case, Dr. Hussein Hashim performs the procedure using a donut, lollipop or T-shaped incision. A donut incision involves accessing the breast tissue with an incision around the edge of the areola and is used if the nipple does not need to be relocated. A lollipop incision is used for more severe cases in which the nipple must be moved to create a more proportional effect.

In the most severe cases, a T-shaped incision will be made, which will usually take longer to heal. Dr. Hussein Hashim will discuss your options with you and answer any questions at the pre-surgery consultation.

These procedures can be done in the hospital under general anesthesia, patients are discharged same day. The patient can resume work after a week. Dr. Hussein Hashim advises patient to wear a surgical bra for three weeks.

Breast Augmentation or Breast Lift.

The human body is a diverse thing, and so different patients may benefit from different types of treatment. Some patients may find that a breast augmentation procedure will be most effective in achieving their surgery aims, while others may opt for a slight breast lift. Tell Dr. Hussein Hashim precisely what you want to achieve during the consultation, and then he can advise you on which procedure is the most likely to achieve the outcome you desire.

Following your procedure, Dr. Hussein Hashim will brief you on the after-care measures you must take, as well as scheduling a post-operative appointment to monitor the healing process. You won’t have to stay in the hospital overnight and will find that any swelling or obvious scarring will begin to fade after a few weeks.

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