As we age, we start losing our youthful facial volume which contributes to the formation of folds and wrinkles.

Botox & Fillers.


Botox is a material used to relax (paralyze) muscles for short period of time. It was used for treating muscle hyperactivity and rebalancing muscles of eyes in patients with strabismus, it was introduced to aesthetic purposes in the early 1990s when periorbital wrinkles were noted to disappear in patients that received Botox for hyperactive muscle around the eye. Nowadays Botox is number one treatment for forehead and glabellar wrinkles,  periorbital and nose wrinkles. Newer indications are perioral wrinkles and neck wrinkles.

Botox injection is an office procedure where a very fine needle is used with practically no pain, the procedure takes less than ten minutes, and the patient can resume work directly.The effect of Botox will start after three days and peak at 3 weeks. The effect lasts up to 6 months.

If you repeat the Botox every 6 months for 3 times the effect will last up to eight months, because the hyperactive muscles will become weaker and weaker injection after injection.

In the past few years, a new generation of cosmetic treatments called dermal fillers has been introduced to effectively restore volume in the face and beautify the face.

Different grades of dermal fillers are used for different indications on the face.

Dermal fillers are most commonly used to;

  1. Rejuvenate thinning aging lips which have lost volume and shape.
  2. Plump up younger lips, giving them a sexier and more defined outline and shape - without the dreaded “trout pout” look.
  3. Correct the downturn corner of the lips (marionette fold) which can give the face a sad and angry appearance.
  4. Smooth and volumise the dreaded lines around the lips (so-called smoker’s lines or bar code lines) which can cause lipstick to bleed.
  5. Erase cheek folds (nasolabial folds) which give a sad and tired appearance.
  6. Add volume to the deflated, gaunt-like face - a condition called facial lipoatrophy.
  7. Treatment of hyperhidrosis "Excessive sweating" underarms and hands. Results last for nine months.

Procedure time: 20 to 30 minutes.

What to expect: Slight swelling and potential bruising

Downtime: Return to work the next day.

Duration: Depends on the type of product and the site of injection: 6 to 12 months.

Patients should avoid aspirin or medication containing aspirin (eg Nurofen, Indocin etc) for at least 10 days before the procedure to reduce the risks of bruising.

Dr. Hussein Hashim is a pioneer in treating complications of fillers. Being permanent or absorbable, Dr. Hussein Hashim usually requests a radiology test, and according to the results, he discusses with the patient options of treatment either with laser treatment or aspiration or medical treatment or even surgical intervention. 


Botox injection is not a permanent procedure, if you don't like your look after Botox the effect will disappear in few months. Dr. Hussein Hashim usually applies Botox in a way you look relaxed with minimal expression wrinkles preserved so you will not have poker face look that is not natural.

Botox injection looks simple, but it is a very delicate procedure, where you have to inject in the right muscle, otherwise you might have drooping of eyes, or other complications.

No, if you do Botox, you will have six months with no wrinkles when the effect disappear, you will go back to what you were before first injection.

Botox is not age related, it is used for expression wrinkles, patient may be 25 yr of age with over active glabellar muscles that need Botox, while others may be 60 yrs of age with no glabellar wrinkles this patient does not need Botox.

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