Sometimes no matter how much you exercise, unsightly body fat refuses to budge. Dramatic advances in cosmetic procedures to re-sculpt the body while also permanently reducing body fat can dramatically transform your body shape.

Body Contouring.


Body contouring is a new concept to reshape the body after massive weight loss. It's becoming very common especially after the popularity of gastric banding and gastric bypass procedures.

When a patient loses more than 40 kg, the face, breast, arms, abdomen, thighs, and buttock will be deformed, need lifting and reshaping.

In women, these bulges tend to settle on the tummy, buttocks, thighs, inner knees and below the bra line.

For men, the excess fat is largely concentrated on the abdomen and flanks.

Advances in cosmetic procedures to re-sculpt the body while also removing excess fat can dramatically transform your body shape – making it slimmer and firmer - or even adding new curves.

More About Body Contouring.

Dr. Hussein Hashim usually starts with the most deformed areas where he can lift more than one area in the same operation (abdomen and breast lifting+/- arms) or ( thighs and face, breast) together so that the time of the operation will not exceed 6 hrs. Some surgeons do the whole body in one operation where more than 12 hr of general anesthesia is needed, this is too much risk for an aesthetic operation.

Dr. Hussein Hashim believes that an aesthetic procedure has to have the minimal risk possible so he divides the operations, and more importantly he prepares the patient well before the operation where he checks hematocrit and protein level because the patients may be malnourished and he advises patients to stop smoking 2 weeks before the operation.

These operations need general anesthesia in the hospital, the patient will stay two nights in the hospital and recover in ten days period.

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