Facial cosmetic surgery for men requires a more conservative approach than women to ensure they retain the rugged facial features that define the quintessentially handsome male: a low and heavy brow, minor facial lines, a strong angular jaw line, full cheeks and a prominent chin.



In the past five years there has been a dramatic increase in the number of men seeking cosmetic procedures for everything from body sculpting to face lifts.

Dr Hussein Hashim has tailored his procedures to ensure the male aesthetic is both retained and enhanced.

Dr Hussein Hashim believes all facial cosmetic & body work with men, surgical or non-surgical should ensure the male aesthetic is retained.

Most Popular Procedures.


Generally referred to as 'man boobs', Gynaecomastia is a relatively common male condition where there is excessive development of breast tissue and in some cases, accumulation of fat.

There are numerous causes including hormonal imbalance, medications, recreational drugs and obesity.

While gynaecomastia is a benign condition it can be the source of social misery and embarrassment for the sufferer. Treatment involves surgical removal of the breast and fatty tissue.

The condition can be treated with the Laser Lipo alone which melts the fat and the gland.