As we head into middle age maintaining our appearance requires ever more care. Regular exercise is even more critical to our health.

Plastic Surgeries at Forties & Fifties.

At the age of forties and fifties, we are increasingly likely to combine non-surgical treatments with surgery to rejuvenate and maintain our face and body.

While we may feel terrific, we also have to work harder to combat the signs of aging, especially around our eyes and our neck.

This is the decade where patients who previously focused only on anti-wrinkle injection therapy for facial frowns and lines may also seek facial surgery. Face and neck lifts are often the most effective way to reduce sagging and loose skin in the neck and jowl. Upper and lower eyelid surgery and brow lifts are also in demand, to rejuvenate the face and reduce eye bags and excess skin.

Injectable dermal fillers also play an important role in replacing lost volume to deflated cheeks, thinning lips and softening the “marionette” lines around the mouth.

Dr. Hussein Hashim's advanced non-surgical treatments can often help patients delay the need for facial surgery.

Combined injectable therapy can dramatically reduce Dowling – giving more definition to the jaw line and creating more youthful facial contours.

In our forties and fifties, along with our face, our body also starts to sag and bulge and many patients will opt to complement their exercise regime with lipo sculpting of the waistline, hips, and thighs, a tummy tuck or a Brachioplasty for sagging“tuckshop” arms.

Skin care also needs to be stepped up at the age of forties and fifties, combining your daily routine with medical grade skin care products along with light based laser therapy/IPL for skin pigmentation.

Most popular procedures: